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Welcome to the Skye & Chang Martial Arts Studio

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice”

Martial arts are for training your mind… training your body. They are a disciplined approach to the art and the techniques of self-defense.

Martial imbue your spirit with calm and confidence. They will help you avoid most conflicts, whenever and however you encounter them. But if you can’t avoid a fight, proper mind and body training will give you the power to resolve it quickly, with the least possible harm to you… and maybe even to your aggressors.

Almost every part of the world has its own martial arts techniques: Capoeira in Brazil, Sambo in Russia, Engolo and Tahtib in Africa, and Kuttu Varisai in India. The Skye & Chang Martial Arts Studio focuses on the unarmed combat styles from Indigenous North America, China, Japan and Korea.

All martial arts stress two things — external training and internal discipline. Speed, strength and agility on the outside; alertness, breathing and focus on the inside.

Above all, the purpose of your training is to transform fighting techniques into lightning-fast reflexes