We are on the job looking for our friends.

Our Schedule
We try to keep to this schedule, but, hey, the world is always changing. If our other work keeps us busier than expected we will try to notify you in advance. If the dojo is locked, we aren’t here. If you’ve paid for lessons, we’ll give you credit for all classes we miss. We don’t want to disappoint you, but this is the DTE, where strange and unexpected things happen all the time.

Regular Classes – Monday through Saturday
Drop-in Classes – After-school Karate, Tuesdays
Private Lessons – We can work with you to find a good schedule
Getting mind and body ready – Free drop in meditation and stretching every Sunday

Our Fees
How much we charge depends on what you study, at what level. Drop in karate classes are $80 per class. So if four people turn up, it’s $20 each. If 80 people show up… well, that’s never going to happen! Call us or drop by to find out how much. Skye & Chang Martial Arts Studio. 8888 Keefer Street. 604-555-8888